Tunisian crochet cowl


Good evening! I posted a photo of my tunisian crochet cowl today on Instagram and had some questions about a pattern. Well I did not use a pattern for this cowl. But I tell you how I made it.


I used Julia wool from Zeeman (80% acrylic, 20% wool)  but you can also use Phildar Looping for example. I crocheted with a Tunisian hook size 9. the stitch I used is called the knitted stitch.  You can watch this tutorial to learn this stitch in dutch tunisch haken tricotsteek or in english english tutorial knitstitch

I started with 30 stitches and worked 30 stitches every row. I just kept on doing the knitstitch till I thought the length was okay and then sewed the ends together. So easy, you can make your own cowl, but I can tell you : tunesian crochet is very addictive!


Happy weekend,

Love Esther


2 thoughts on “Tunisian crochet cowl

    1. Het is echt een fijne col geworden Sofie! vooral nu met deze kou! Het tunisch haken is ook echt verslavend . Deze steek vind ik zelf mooi omdat het gebreid lijkt. Groetjes esther


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