granny square

On instagram my friend Mabel hip met kleur asked us crocheters to help a friend. Her friend is working on a granny square blanket for someone who needs a lot of love. So Mabel asked us to crochet a granny square to fasten up this blanket.

this is the one I made    granny1

There were so many who responded  to this call on Instagram and Mabel posted a photo of a selection of the lovely grannies everyone made (including mine)


photo made by hip met kleur

I am sure this will be a gorgeous blanket made with love!

these are the  cotton yarn colors I used for my granny square:

from left to right on the photo

Phildar poudre

Phildar seigle

catania 0257                                         granny2

catania 0383

hema cotton natural

phildar chanvre



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