I am so very happy to share my Poppy pattern with you! This is a pattern designed by me and I really  hope it inspires you to make your own Poppy. You are not allowed to sell the pattern because I made it and it is a lot of work to create a pattern like this as you can imagine.

I have to tell you that the pattern might be difficult if you don’t have much experience with crocheting amigurumi. However feel free to ask me anything about the pattern and I will be happy to help you.

This Poppy is made with cotton yarn and the first Poppy I made was made with acrylic yarn. feel free to choose your favorite yarn. The picture below is with the acrylic yarn.

I hope you will enjoy this pattern and have lots of fun with Poppy! Please be aware that the head will be very heavy with all the hair and you really need to use a stick or piece of iron to keep the head up!! more information about the head in the pattern. Will you please be so kind to refer to me when you post a picture of the finished doll and if you use social media; please use  #essiebirdiespoppy so I can see your lovely doll.

you can find the pattern here: patterns

Love Esther

Below are some beautiful Poppy dolls made by others




19 thoughts on “Poppy

  1. ohh echt Sofie!! dat vind ik echt heel leuk ! het is wel een groot patroon , want de pop wordt ook groot. wel 36 cm met katoen gehaakt. ik hoop dat je het leuk vind om haar te haken en als je vragen hebt hoor ik het graag.


  2. Ik heb een vraag over het jurkje. Ik moet 4 steken en 1 losse opzetten. Dan bij ronde 1 staat aan het einde van de zin – 41x, En bij de volgende ronde moet ik uitkomen op 54 steken. Wat moet ik doen ? Lossen bijhaken in ronde 1. Verder heb ik bijna (, behalve het haar ) Poppy af. Super leuke pop.


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