book party and creative life


Last Friday I was invited for  a party to celebrate the presentation of  the handlettering book from Martine Boere ( Studio Suikerzoet). the book is called: meer met letters and it is an introduction to the handlettering technique. Martine gives tips and tricks for handlettering in this book and shows lots of possibilities with the technique.

It is a beautiful book and I only read positive comments everywhere on social media about it! the book allready had a reprint.


I made this card for Martine, it is a drawing of her and I even tried some handlettering myself.


This was my present for Martine! A mini Martine showing her book!

IMG_8048     IMG_8160

Martine liked her mini a lot! Here are some photos of the party which was in the Library of Gorinchem.

I met some nice  Instagram friends too and we had a lovely time.

I am very proud because the first doll I made for Martine is also in the book : on 4 pages!! This is one of the pictures.


I can’t tell to much about the contents of the book because I really think you should have a look yourself. My suggestion  : go and buy the book and give handlettering a try. Must warn you though; you might get addicted to handlettering! If you prefer a workshop  handlettering check the website from studio suikerzoet studio suikerzoet and you can read all about it.

24 till 26 march there will be a new creative fair in Utrecht and it is going to be great I am sure. want to know more about this fair? check the website creative life Studio Suikerzoet will be there for some workshops and you can have a look at Martines book as well. on Sunday I will be at the stand of Studio Suikerzoet as well to help Martine.

hope to see you there!

Love Esther


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