crochetparty: 50 crochetloving ladies!

Last Saturday we had a great crochetparty organised by two lovely ladies and instagram friends;  Frederika and  Mabel . This was my first crochetparty and I was quit overwhelmed by everything! The location was fantastic. In a very rural surrounding we were welcomed at Fruittuin Verbeek in Oldebroek. For me it was more than one hour driving by car but it was so worth it.


We started with coffee/tea and some delicious sweetness.

fotos  photocredits: frederika

On our table were the supplies to crochet this lovely basket. The babyplants in the basket were a gift I received from my friend Elisabeth Andree Elisabeth Andree  plantsetcetera( the plants arrived at my home when I was at the party).


The beautiful leather label we got from de haakfabriek thank you Chantel!

I did not manage to crochet the basket at the party because I enjoyed so  much looking around and talk to all the ladies (50 crochet loving ladies). So I finished the basket Sunday at home. if you want to crochet this basket you can find the free pattern in the webshop from Mabel where you can also buy the supplies you need. click here Hipmetkleur

The theme of this party was back to basic, but it turned out to be more than basic! We were so spoiled with yarn ! from YarnandColors  we received 8 balls or their new yarn Epic in lovely candy colors! I started a project with it this week, could not resist it any longer! I am working with the tunesian technique and also intarsia to create a figure in the crochet.


we also received 5 balls of the very nice yarn from G Brouwer & Zn fournituren durable!IMG_8778

photocredits: frederika

and last but not least we all could choose some yarn from BN agenturen brands Fonty and Borgo de Pazzi.


photocredits; Frederika

As you can see; more than Basic! lots of crochet to do the coming period!

From Mabel hip met kleur we received a lovely package to make a dreamcatcher. This is the one I made and I love it! thank you Mabel!


We also enjoyed a great lunch with homemade asparagus soup and delicious bread and fruit. After lunch everyone took their crochet work outside and it looked like a real market with all the colorful blankets, shawls, bags, amigurumi and other crochetprojects!



These presents I received at the party; thank you all and Simone Simlikes for the beautiful stone which I will keep with my other treasures from friends.

You can read here more about the crochetparty, these ladies also wrote about it!


de creatieve wereld van Terray




It was a fantastic day and I met so many lovely ladies (some I allready knew). I hope to join more crochet parties like this! thanks again Frederika and Mabel.

Happy Easter weekend!

Love Esther


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