crochet leaf pouch


After the leafbag I loved making another project using a leaf pattern. You see the beautiful leaf patterns everywhere at the moment so there is enough inspiration on the internet.


This time I made a zipper pouch with a leaf pattern. again I used a monstera leaf as inspiration. The pouch can be used as a make-up bag or to store jewelry or other small stuff.


I used my favorite cotton from  Yarn and Colors (link to their website) must-have  (cotton) in the gorgeous colors:

  • Aventurine
  • Bottle
  • Pastel Pink


Again I used the tapestry/mochila technique. I used three threads at the same time and crochet only in the back loop of the stitch. I crochet as normal with the only difference of taking two extra strands and only use the back loop. 


I added a zipper and made fabric on the inside of the pouch to make it more firm. The tassels and leafpin complete the pouch.

IMG_8944IMG_8896IMG_8952  IMG_8950


you can find the pattern here: patterns

These are  beautiful pouches made by my instagram friends Sofie and  Maddy. I am very proud they used my pattern.

If you have any questions please let me know

Have a great new week!

Love Esther


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