review hand-dyed yarn Atelier Sopra



Last week the talented Jose atelier sopra asked for some testers for her yarn which she dyed herself. I was one of the lucky persons to test the yarn.

IMG_9256       IMG_9247

I received 3 skeins of the 100% merino wool in gorgeous colors as you can see on the photo.


Jose send 3 skeins of 50 meter and I immediately started thinking of a project! The yarn is very soft and easy to crochet because it feels light. I used hooksize 3 and 2,5 for testing. Both worked out very good (see Photos)

I decided to make the beautiful flower which is in the book Meer kant haken from A la Sascha. For more information about the book and book trailer click on the link A la sascha. Thought it was a great idea with Mothers day coming up!


I made the bottom layer of the flower with hook size 3 , the other 2 layers with size 2,5. I think both sizes work great with the yarn. The third layer I made a bit shorter than the pattern says (chain 60 instead of 100). I made a little rose to put on top, click here for pattern crochet rose.



IMG_9270IMG_9272IMG_9273IMG_9330To finish the Mothers day flower I added some beads random around.

Don’t you think it is so lovely for mother? You still have time to crochet your own before Sunday!

I also made a crochet heart with the wool and this one also worked out very fine. click here to find the pattern for the heart heart tutorial

IMG_9313 I am very happy to tell you Atelier Sopra is going to sell this yarn in her Etsy Shop very soon! click here to go to the shop Etsy Atelier Sopra

My conclusion for this 100% merino wool is:

  • yarn is dyed is beautiful colors
  • very soft
  • easy to crochet, light
  • works good with hook size 3 and 2,5
  • suitable for different crochet projects
  • I would love to make more projects with it, high on my list is to make a shawl with this soft yarn.

Hope you enjoyed reading and wish you a happy Mothers Day next Sunday!

Love Esther


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