gehaakte caravan/crochet caravan

Let’s go camping!

My parents recently retired . They had a company of their own for more than 40 years. Now they finally have time for their hobbies and one of it is “camping”.

They are planning a large trip with their caravan through the south of Europe. I wanted to give them a personal gift for this occasion and that is the reason why I crocheted this caravan.



The pattern I used for the caravan is from the book Let’s go camping by Kate Bruning you can find the link to her blog here greedy for colour



The idea for a crochet caravan came up quit suddenly so I had to work hard to get it ready in just a few days. Some things I made my own like the way the front panel is adjusted with 2 buttons on the top and the beds inside the caravan. I also changed the cupboard a bit.  I only used coton yarn mostly Phildar coton 3 and Catania. The lovely vintage look fabric to decorate the inside I ordered at van

Unfortunately the webshop Van katoen closes and therefor they have 20% discount on everything. So if you are looking for this Oaki-doki fabric, hurry to van



The lovely leather tag with “my happy home” I ordered at de haakfabriek


I asked my son to go through his Playmobil stash and find a grandma and granddad with some camping supplies.

My parents received the caravan yesterday and they really loved it!


Special thanks to Heidi  blog Heidi   for her support!  (instagram @heididid)

Hope you like my caravan and wish you a happy day!

Love Esther



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