crochet pattern Soohorang

It has been a while since my last post but here I am with a new crochet pattern for you!

Since it is almost Valentines I thought it would be nice to give you all this crochet pattern. as a present! Now you can crochet your own Olympic mascot and cheer for the athletes of the Olympic wintergames 2018 in Pyeongchang Korea.


I think this mascot Sohoorang is very cute but also has power and that is why I really wanted to design a crochet pattern for it. I probably will make the one for the paralympics as well.


Soohorang is a white tiger. Sohoo means protection in the korean language and Rang is the middle letter in the korean word for tiger (ho-rang-i).


I made the mascot with yarn and colors must-have and it is about 20 cm tall. It is a quick and easy pattern so hurry and make yourself one!

Soohorang allready brought luck for our dutch team because they won 5 medals till now.



Today Ireen Wust won gold and Marit Leenstra won Bronze! (12 february)


I hope you like this mascot and I would love to see your creation on social media using #essiebirdiessohoorang. Enjoy watching the olympics!

You can find the free pattern for Sohoorang here: patterns

Love Esther


4 thoughts on “crochet pattern Soohorang

  1. Goed gedaan. Ik heb mijn probeersel van vorige week afgedankt omdat ik hem niet goed genoeg vond om er een patrron van te maken. Maar die van jou is super leuk geworden vooral door de hollandse elementen. Knap werk

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