Crochet pattern Bandabi

The olypmic wintergames 2018 in Peyongchang are ending next weekend. I hope you enjoyed watching the games as much as I did! Teamnl was amazing and won so many medals!

But there will be more , because the Paralympics are starting on the 9th of March.



These are the dutch athletes who participate:

Alpine Skiing

– Linda van Impelen (afdaling, Super G, combinatie)
– Anna Jochemsen (afdaling, Super G, combinatie)
– Jeroen Kampschreur (afdaling, Super G, combinatie, reuzenslalom, slalom)
– Niels de Langen (reuzenslalom, slalom)
– Jeffrey Stuut (afdaling, Super G, combinatie)


– Lisa Bunschoten (banked slalom en snowboardcross)
– Bibian Mentel (banked slalom en snowboardcross)
– Chris Vos (banked salom en snowboardcross)

click here to see the program of the paralympics program paralympics

Bandabi is the mascot designed for the paralympics.



Bandabi is an Asiatic black bear. The bear is symbolic of strong will and courage. Its name is also formed from two Korean words: “bandal” and “bi” the former meaning “half-moon” to refer to the white crescent on the bear”s chest and the latter commemoration to celebrate the games.

Ofcourse I wanted to design a crochet pattern for Bandabi as well !

And this is my crocheted Bandabi:



you can find the free pattern for Bandabi here; patterns


Together the are a great couple, don’t you think?



I hope you will enjoy watching the paralympics and cheer for the athletes with your own crocheted mascot!

Love Esther


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