Free pattern essie rainbow bear

I was inspired by @Craftastherapy on Instagram to design this rainbow bear. Craftastherapy’s theme this week is rainbowhunt.

Everywhere in the world people put stuffed toy bears &/or rainbows in their windows. They do this for the children, to find when they are walking around their neighbourhood with their parents, getting some fresh air while we all are in isolation. This is such a wonderful idea and I really wanted to participate in this.

So here’s essie rainbow bear as a gift from me for crocheters all over the world. Therefore the pattern is written in english (US terms). You can find the pattern here:

I worked very hard in just a few days to design this free pattern and I would appreciate it if you respect that and not take advantage of it in any way. The pattern is for free because we are going through a severe crisis (also economic). Crocheting this bear to put in your window might cheer you up and I am sure it will put a smile on children’s faces when they walk past your house!

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