Free crochet pattern sloths of love English and Dutch


I designed this sloth couple about two years ago. Now I finally had the time to translate it in English. This pattern is a present for you because I get so much support for my designs from you!

The sloths are made With Scheepjes Stonewashed yarn but very well can be made with any cotton yarn you have and in different colors. I added magnetic closures (you can also use magnetic buttons) to the arms and legs so the sloths can hang out anywhere! Hang them in a tree or plant or curtain. Lots of possibilities! You can also make your children or grandchildren happy when you hang a sloth in their kidsroom!

Find the FREE english (US) sloth pattern here:

Het GRATIS Nederlandse haakpatroon vind je hier:

I spend a lot of time to design this pattern, it’s a large pattern including photo’s and two sloth sizes. I hope you don’t take advantage of it in any way! It’s a gift for all crocheters and I hope you respect that!

Happy crocheting and I would love to see your sloths on Instagram and Facebook @essiebirdies #essiebirdiespattern

8 thoughts on “Free crochet pattern sloths of love English and Dutch

  1. Hello. I love your patterns and look forward to crocheting the sloth and some others. I wanted to share your link on my FB page and I got a warning that it goes against community standards. For a free crochet link??? I have friends who crochet and wanted to promote you a bit. I wish I could show you what the note said to me.


    1. Thank you so much for your message! Very kind of you that you wanted to share! I really don’t know why FB does this. I designed the pattern and it is available for free, so FB is acting strange. Thank you for letting me know, I will try to contact FB about it. kind regards, Esther


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