Free pattern Llama hand sanitizer holder

Thank you all so much for the likes and comments on the mini Frida hand sanitzer holder! I really appreciate it.

Here’s another one for you; the little Llama hand sanitizer holder.

Of course this is an easy modification of the Frida pattern! Here’s what you do to make a little llama.

Crochet the base of the mini Frida; you find the pattern here: (english and dutch)

Choose your colors and play with colors as you like.When the base is done you make a muzzle: R1: 6sc in magic ring R2: inc 6 x R3: sc, inc (repeat) = 18sc. Fasten off and sew the muzzle on the head. Embroider the eyes, nose and eyebrows with thin black yarn.

Take a fluffy yarn like Yarn and Colors Furry or Durable Teddy and make long stitches with a needle on the front of the head. Use your creativity! With the same fluffy yarn you crochet a round of hdc on the bottom of the holder. Crochet 2 ears and sew them to the sides of the head. Ears: R1: 5sc in magic ring R2: inc 5x R3 – 5: 10sc. Fasten off and sew the ears to the head.

The rest is pretty much the same as mini Frida! It’s all about your imagination and creativity to decorate your own little llama or Frida! Happy crocheting!

I love to see your creations on Facebook or Instagram @essiebirdies #essiebirdiespattern

love Esther

4 thoughts on “Free pattern Llama hand sanitizer holder

  1. Gracias por el patrón de frida y la llama para gel, están hermosos y divertidos, muchas felicidades


    1. hello Amy, the Llama hand sanitizer holder is the same pattern as the Frida holder with some adaptions you can read in the blogpost about the llama. so there is no other pattern to download, only the one for the Frida hand sanitizer holder.


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